How your trusted roofing company can serve homeowners in Charlotte

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Advanced Roofing and Exteriors metal-roof3-150x137Have you discovered a roof leak in your home? Did you notice problems with flashing or shingles on your roof? Maybe your entire roof is sagging and you need a reliable roof contractor to provide a complete roof makeover. Finding the best roof contractor can mean the difference between years of comfort and water dripping all over your floor every time it rains.

Regardless of the services you need, an expert roof contractor should be able to handle the job. A dependable roof contractor will present you with options to repair your roof in a cost-effective manner, rather than an expensive roof replacement. A simple leak can result from many things, such as a damaged roof portion or loose flashing, both of which can be fixed by a reliable roof contractor.


Shingles are the most important component of any roof, and a good roof contractor should have a full knowledge of material type, as well as the appropriate installation procedures.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are a wonderful investment with their beauty and durability, and a reliable roof contractor should be well versed in their usage and installation.

No matter what your roofing needs are, you need a professional on your side. If you have a roofing problem, or if your roof needs to be inspected for damage, pick up the phone and talk to an experienced roofer from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.


Common misconceptions about metal roofs in Charlotte NC

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Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, expert metal roof installersNot many people are knowledgeable about roofs, or metals roofs, for that matter. The old notion is that metal roofs are undesirable due to some misconceived ideas that have not been properly resolved. People who are familiar with the amazing benefits of metal roofing truly appreciate this material for all its wonderful properties. The following are the most common misconceptions about metal roofs:

  • There is no truth to the idea that metal roofs are prone to getting struck by lightning. Lightning often strikes the highest point in an area and not your metal roof. If your roof is the highest point in your vicinity, you can install a lightning arrester. However, if your metal roof is struck by lightning, the roofing material will harmlessly disperse the charge. Metal roofs are highly resistant to sparks or fire while other roofing materials may possibly catch fire when struck by lightning. 
  • Metal roofs in the past made real noise much like a machine gun burst when it rains. Today’s metal roofs are installed on solid plywood sheathing which forms the roof deck, which effectively reduces the noise level. The resulting sound is no louder than that of asphalt or wood shingles. 
  • While it is true that metals rust, metal roofs are built to last for a long time. Steel used for metal roofs are coated with protective layers of zinc or aluminum and superior-quality paint to resist rust while providing the radiant colors and stunning beauty that many homeowners look for in roofing materials. 
  • Contrary to beliefs that you cannot walk on your metal roof without causing damage or dents, metal roofs can easily support human weight when walked upon. Just like walking on any roof, however, you need to be careful when walking on your metal roof. Your trusted Charlotte metal roofing contractor can provide you with useful tips on how to walk on your metal roof safely.

A metal roof for your home will give you peace of mind for decades if installed by metal roofing professionals in Charlotte NC. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in metal roofs for residential and commercial purposes. Talk to an expert metal roofer now and get a free quotation.

Why a Charlotte roofing expert is important for your roofing needs

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Advanced Roofing and Exteriors delivers reliable roofing workIf you need your roof repaired or replaced, finding a Charlotte roofing expert is vital to get the job done. A roof replacement or even roof repair is no small expense. Hiring an unreliable or inexperienced roofing contractor can cause you stress and cost you more money if the job is not done right the first time. 

If you have your roof repaired by someone who is not a skilled roofing professional, some of the needed repairs could go unfinished, and further damage to your home can occur and become an even bigger issue.

If you find yourself looking for a local Charlotte roofing contractor, these are the things you should seriously consider before getting into a roofing job contract:

 Trust your roofing job to a trusted roofing expert

Hiring a reliable, customer-tested roofing company who are experts to work on your roofing project will give you years of peace of mind without stress over future issues with the job, because a trusted roofer delivers professional workmanship and honor their warranty. If you are currently experiencing problems with your roof, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors stands by its name as Charlotte’s best roofing company, and will be happy to find solutions to your roofing woes.

Five steps for hiring the right roofer in Charlotte

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Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, reliable roofers in Charlotte NCAre you looking for a roofing company to hire? Choosing the right roofing company depends on several factors: What type of property is it – residential or commercial? Which type of roofing material is to be used? What type of weather do you get? What is your budget?

Professional roof installers understand your roofing needs. They can advice you on a proper roofing solution that will protect your property, match the design of the house, and one that will suit your budget.  The following tips can help you identify the best roofer for your project: 

1. Look at roofing company websites

Most roofing contractors in Charlotte NC have websites, although only a few provide free information and advice. Look for sites that contain articles with useful advice from expert roofers. Find out if they cater to your roofing needs. 

2. Check business history through the Better Business Bureau

Give a quick background check on a company’s business history so you will have a good idea of their reliability. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a trusted source of information and ratings for businesses including roofing companies. 

3. Ask neighbors, friends and colleagues which roofing company they recommend

Try to talk to residents who have had roofs repaired or replaced. These are the best people who can tell you which roofing company to hire. A chat with neighbors can get you some excellent insights and word-of-mouth feedback on local roofers in Charlotte NC. 

4. Ask for an estimate

Look up contact details and check to see if a roofing company offers a free estimate.  Estimating a job requires some skills and is more than simple area measurement; the best roof installers know the local climate conditions and can suggest several options. 

5. Choose a fully licensed, insured, and bonded roofer

Before hiring a roofing contractor to do roofing work, make sure it is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. You don’t want to pay for costs incurred for injuries that may happen while people are working within your property.

Choosing a roofing contractor is a major decision to make. Every professional roofer knows that customers like you expect top performance and reliability in return for your investment. That is why we at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors make it our business to help you make that decision. Talk to one of our experts today and discuss your home improvement plans.

Truth behind Storm Chasers!

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Reputable, Trustworthy Triad Installations Roofing CompanyIt would be nice to think that someone would just appear at our front doors offering to solve a problem out of the blue. Reliable Greensboro roofers have been in the community for many years keeping busy meeting the needs of Greensboro residents. Generally, however, they don’t come over uninvited. Greensboro’s reputable and reliable roofers will never ask for cash or check on the spot without preparing a proper contract.

Greensboro’s professional, established roofing contractors will be more than happy to schedule an appointment to visit your home to inspect the roof and exterior for damage caused by the storms. After an inspection, these trusted roofers can explain the damage found and the likely cause. They will make recommendations for repair or restoration. Greensboro’s reliable roofing company use only the highest quality products and best craftsmanship. They will be able to discuss product options with you and help you select products based on your needs. Many of the products and services are backed by guarantees and warranties. Your satisfaction is of absolute importance to Greensboro’s professional roofers. They can even help you with the insurance process.

Schedule an appointment to have your roof checked and to put your worries at ease. Knowledge is power. Share this information with your friends and family. Hopefully, together we can chase those storm chasers right out of town!

Beware of Storm Chasers Taking Advantage of Your Roofing Needs

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These storm chasers aren’t the scientists and thrill seekers who follow tornadoes for the chance of an awesome video. These storm chasers are in town to make a quick buck off unsuspecting victims and get out of town!

Charlotte, North Carolina’s trusted, established and reputable contractors don’t want you to fall victim to these fly-by-night companies. If a roofing contractor comes to your door offering an on-the-spot inspection, be suspicious. Charlotte’s experienced roofing contractors have established reputations and probably won’t turn up on your doorstep unless you schedule an appointment with them. Charlotte’s recognized roofing companies have fleets of clearly marked company vehicles and they carry company identification.

An unmarked truck or a magnetic sign slapped on the side may indicate the roofer is not representing a local, trustworthy company. Charlotte’s professional roofing contractors take pride in their role as professionals and wear company shirts and uniforms with pride; they don’t approach potential customers in faded, torn jeans with the remains of lunch splattered across their T-shirts. If you haven’t run the storm chaser off yet, try asking about specific products, services and warranties. An experienced, reputable Charlotte roofing contractor would be able to comfortably and knowledgeably discuss these topics. Specific questions about materials and services would most likely make a storm chaser very uncomfortable and nervous