Picket fence by Advanced Roofing and ExteriorsA picket fence that is made of wood can beautify your home and give it a traditional homey look. It is also an effective way of containing small kids and pets while keeping out unwanted animals. Here are useful tips for building your own picket fence to improve the way your yard looks.

  • The first thing you need to do before building your fence is to check that zoning regulations allow for picket fences. You can do this by contacting your local building and zoning authorities or by consulting with your home improvement company in Charlotte.
  • Be sure to establish your property boundaries before making measurements for your fence. Draw the layout of your fence and determine how many posts and pickets you will need, or have your Charlotte contractor do the measurements. This is so will know how much wood is required for the fencing work.
  • The design of your fence is important for matching the overall look of your house once it is completed. If your house has a modern architectural style, your fence should complement it, while a traditional colonial house would look rustic with a standard white picket fence. Your Charlotte home improvement contractor, being an expert in fences and fence designs, can suggest options you can choose from.
  • The standard size for a picket fence is about 3 ½ inches wide, but there are other width varieties you can choose. The size of the pickets will influence the overall look of your fence. Your contractor can easily help you with this.
  • You can have several designs to choose for the top of your picket fence. The common types are the rounded and pointed tops. You can also go for the dog-eared, French gothic, and flat-top pickets for your fence. Your Charlotte contractor can show you designs that would look best for your home.

You can decide to build the picket fence for your home yourself, or you can hire a reliable home improvement contractor to do the job. A professional Charlotte contractor like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has the expertise, experience, and the equipment needed to complete the job with high quality workmanship. For a free estimate, talk to Charlotte’s best roofing company who also specializes in fences and other exterior home improvement projects.