Top Ways in Finding a Trustworthy Roofing Company in Winston-Salem NC

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If your home’s roof is subjected to high winds and severe storms chances are you need a roof contractor, not only a good contractor but a trust worthy one that won’t reap you off. Finding the best, experienced and trustworthy roof installer can sometimes be difficult. When looking for roof installers you can trust it’s best that you stick to these steps:

Word of Mouth

trustworthy roofing company in Winston-Salem NC

Do you have a relative or friend who recently had roof repair? Talk to them about it, was it a great experience or a nightmare? If your friends or relatives have recently hired someone to repair their roof, chances are if they had a great service, they would recommend their roofing contractors in a heart beat.

Base it on Experience

An experienced roofing company will know the latest and best ways to repair your leaking or storm damaged roofs. They can recommend the most cost-effective ways if your roofs need replacement. Roofing repair services should be stress free and cost-efficient. Roofing repair can be a pain, specially if you have never had problems with your roof before. Finding the best roofing company
can be a tedious task too.

Which roofing company is best to hire in Winston-Salem NC area

There are several roofing contractors in this area, but if you want an efficient, cost-effective and experienced roofing contractor Triad Installations offers its services in Winston-Salem NC. Being in the business for several years, you can only expect the best roofing service available in the area.


Replacing your vinyl exterior siding

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cedar-wood-siding-150x150What types of vinyl siding are available?

When deciding to replace vinyl siding, you should be aware that there are three main types: textured, shingle, and flat plank. The flat plank version is rather basic, with long siding panels having a smooth finish. It may be basic, but it still offers an attractive look. Shingle siding is made to appear as though it is made of cedar or any other type of wood for a homey look. However, unlike real wood siding, vinyl doesn’t require the upkeep and maintenance that wood does. It also offers a clean and contemporary appearance. Textured siding can be installed to look just like a brick or wood finish.


Your decision to add or replace vinyl siding is well rewarded when you realize how many designs and colors are available. Quality vinyl siding is designed to withstand extreme winds, as well as stand up against minor to moderate impacts. As an added bonus, cleaning is a breeze. Just purchase or create a diluted bleach and water solution, and in no time your home will look like new.

With a reliable exterior home improvement contractor like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors replacing your home’s exterior siding with vinyl siding, you will be rewarded with long years of peace of mind and contentment. Call a Charlotte NC vinyl siding expert today, and let your neighbors cry with envy.

Useful tips for building a picket fence for your Charlotte home

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Picket fence by Advanced Roofing and ExteriorsA picket fence that is made of wood can beautify your home and give it a traditional homey look. It is also an effective way of containing small kids and pets while keeping out unwanted animals. Here are useful tips for building your own picket fence to improve the way your yard looks.

  • The first thing you need to do before building your fence is to check that zoning regulations allow for picket fences. You can do this by contacting your local building and zoning authorities or by consulting with your home improvement company in Charlotte.
  • Be sure to establish your property boundaries before making measurements for your fence. Draw the layout of your fence and determine how many posts and pickets you will need, or have your Charlotte contractor do the measurements. This is so will know how much wood is required for the fencing work.
  • The design of your fence is important for matching the overall look of your house once it is completed. If your house has a modern architectural style, your fence should complement it, while a traditional colonial house would look rustic with a standard white picket fence. Your Charlotte home improvement contractor, being an expert in fences and fence designs, can suggest options you can choose from.
  • The standard size for a picket fence is about 3 ½ inches wide, but there are other width varieties you can choose. The size of the pickets will influence the overall look of your fence. Your contractor can easily help you with this.
  • You can have several designs to choose for the top of your picket fence. The common types are the rounded and pointed tops. You can also go for the dog-eared, French gothic, and flat-top pickets for your fence. Your Charlotte contractor can show you designs that would look best for your home.

You can decide to build the picket fence for your home yourself, or you can hire a reliable home improvement contractor to do the job. A professional Charlotte contractor like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has the expertise, experience, and the equipment needed to complete the job with high quality workmanship. For a free estimate, talk to Charlotte’s best roofing company who also specializes in fences and other exterior home improvement projects.

Get a Qualified Charlotte Roof Contractor to Replace your Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl Siding by Advanced Roofing and ExteriorsThe appearance of your home can be greatly improved with a new vinyl siding. Using a reliable Charlotte roof contractor will make this process much easier.

Reasons to replace your vinyl siding

  • Your current siding could be cracked and damaged.
  • You may want to protect your home from harsh weather conditions and extreme temperature changes.
  •  You may just want to give your home a makeover with new siding.

Benefits of vinyl siding

  • It is durable.
  • It offers additional protection.
  • It needs less maintenance, you only have to wash your house about once a year with soap and water, no painting is needed.

How to choose a good Charlotte roofing company who will replace your vinyl siding 

  • You can ask family and friends, and also read online reviews on local contractors.  The BBB, Better Business Bureau is a great place to start.
  • Make an appointment and meet your prospective Charlotte contractor and ask for the following: materials to be used; estimate; the contractor’s license, bond and insurance; start and end date of the project; communication between the roof contractor and you
  • Choose your roof contractor and make sure to get a written estimate for the job, along with a promised date of completion. Also ask about warranties on the vinyl siding from the manufacturer and the Charlotte contractor.

It makes a much easier job to have your vinyl siding replaced if you find a qualified and reliable Charlotte contractor. Call your local Charlotte contractor today to get an estimate on your vinyl siding project.

What are the advantages of using a reputable Kernersville, NC and Triad area roof contractor to replace your vinyl siding?

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Triad Installations specializes in vinyl siding installationNew vinyl siding makes a big difference in your home. It can give your home a fresh, new look and also save on energy costs.  If it is time to replace vinyl siding in your home, do not hesitate to use the services of a reputable Kernersville, NC and Triad area roof contractor.  Your decision to have a professional contactor replace your vinyl siding has many advantages.

A reputable Kernersville contractor knows what vinyl siding is best for your home

Vinyl siding is becoming widely popular.  Vinyl siding is more durable, needs less maintenance than wood siding, and offers many different choices on style and color.

A reputable Kernersville contractor will help you figure out what the best siding choice is for your home. There are many different brands and products, and using his expertise and knowledge, he can guide you to select the best vinyl siding product for your home, and what best matches the current design of the home.

Vinyl siding is nearly maintenance-free. It is an affordable option and is environmentally friendly because it is recyclable.   Vinyl siding resists dents, is flexible and retains its color well. Chemicals are added to the siding to protect the siding from fading in color or flaking.  Vinyl siding also performs well against extreme weather conditions and is very durable.  Because the color pigments are mixed with the PVC resins, vinyl siding’s color is a penetrating color that goes all the way though the material. It’s not like painting a wood surface, where the paint can scratch off.  If the siding does get a scratch, the original color still shows through.

A trustworthy contractor does a professional job with your vinyl siding

You need a reliable contractor who will do a professional job installing your vinyl siding.  Look online at roofing reviews, local review sites, the BBB and also contractor’s websites to learn more about a local contractor.  You want a team that is highly skilled, reliable, and trustworthy. You want someone who uses experts, not just workers he picks up in the unemployment lines.  With a reliable Kernersville or Triad area contractor, you will have no worries about your vinyl siding project having an excellent outcome.

Where to look for a Kernersville, NC and Triad area roofer to replace vinyl siding?

Looking for a reliable contractor in Kernersville, NC and Triad area is not that hard as you always have the option to ask around. Ask your neighbors, co-workers about their experiences with local contractors. Read online contractor reviews to see what others are saying, and look through a contractor’s website to learn more about him and his company. 

Triad Installations is your trusted roofing and home improvement contractor in Kernersville and Triad area, with years of experience in the business. Talk to a vinyl siding expert for your queries and free estimate.

Have your composite decks installed by a reputable contractor in Kernersville, NC and Triad area

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Triad Installations specializes in building custom decksHave you wondered about repairing or replacing your deck?  You’ve heard about composite decks, but wonder if they are as durable and as attractive as a wooden deck.  You have a wooden deck, but are tired of taking care of it, staining it, repairing it, and keeping it in good condition. There are many benefits to upgrading to a new composite deck. 

Benefits of a composite deck

A composite deck is earth friendly, because it uses recycled materials. No trees are cut down to create the materials needed. Other materials are recycled plastic materials. These composite materials are long lasting, and also cut down on the plastic waste in the environment by means of recycling.

Composite decks are also easier to maintain and are longer lasting.  There is less maintenance; you don’t have to regularly stain it- all it needs is washing with soap and water approximately twice a year.

Now, if you are one of these homeowners who wish to install custom deck, repair, or replace your deck with composite decks, then you can definitely benefit from using the professional services of a reputable contractor in Kernersville, NC and Triad area.  Here are more of the benefits of choosing a composite deck for your custom deck.

Find a reliable Kernersville contractor to install your composite deck

Ways to check to see if a contractor is reputable and reliable is to check his BBB listing. Also look for a local contractor, one who has a local address and phone number. If you have any problems with your deck, you want a contractor that will give you a warranty, and return to fix or replace any problems that may occur.

Check also to see if the contractor is licensed and bonded.  This will protect you from any losses or damaged sustained by the company.  You can also check the reputation of Kernersville or Triad contractor by asking for references. Talking to former satisfied clients will give you a good idea of the quality of services the contractor will provide to you.  Ask these former clients whether they were satisfied with the installation of their composite decks or custom deck project. Did they complete the project on time, and in the time frame promised?  Did the local Kernersville contractor answer any questions or concerns they had, during the completion of the custom deck project?

If you are looking to replace your deck or get a new custom deck, consider a composite deck. Contact Triad Installations, your local Kernersville contractor for more information on the choices of deck materials and what’s right for you and your home.

Getting the Best Estimate for your Fence in Charlotte

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Estimates to get a new fence from fencing companies in Charlotte may seem perplexing to the beginner but with a bit of research, you will have the know-how needed to understand them. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Charlotte Fences by Advanced Roofing and Exteriors

Purpose and function of your new fence

Function dictates form of building structures. If you at least give the reason why you need a fence (decorative, security, or privacy) fencing companies can give you a rough idea with what kind of materials, design, size, labor and cost are involved to accomplish what you intend.

Fence design

Consider the purpose of your fence before selecting a style or design. The popular ones are wood fences, aluminum fences and vinyl fences. Just remember to look up what your local code in Charlotte, NC has to say about fence building lest you find yourself having to take down a perfectly good fence. Hiring a professional and reliable fence company will ensure that you meet all local regulations.

Charlotte Fences by Advanced Roofing and Exteriors

Budget for your fence

When you have established the purpose and design of your fence, develop a budget for your fence project.  Take into consideration the additional costs of existing steep slopes and obstacles in your home since those will be included in calculating the expense of building the fence.

The perfect fencing company

It’s important to spend time getting to know various companies, asking questions, and making sure you have chosen the best company to build your fence. Check their license and look them up with the Better Business Bureau. Find out how busy your fencing contractor is so you know when the project will start, and end.  Ask about what warranties they offer.  Always remember that the estimated cost they give you should already include everything with no unexpected charges in the middle of the project.

Contact your local fencing company in Charlotte, NC now to have that fence you have always dreamed of built to perfection.

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