Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for your roofing needs after a hailstormIf a hailstorm has hit your area in Charlotte recently, you may be one of those anxious homeowners who worry about how much damage the storm has caused to their roofs. If you think your roof has suffered hail damage, call the best roofing company in your area for expert advice on the true condition of your roof and what to do with the damage the storm may have caused.

How soon should you have your roof fixed?

If there is no major damage from the recent hailstorm, there is need to panic. You can make an initial assessment of the extent of the damage in order to make a sound decision. However, you need to realize that rain and sun can cause further deterioration to your hail-damaged roof. In this case, you need to determine if you need a roof repair job and choose a reliable roofer in the Charlotte NC area to have your roof fixed preferably within the next four months or so.

Insurance for hail damage

Your roof may have suffered hail damage and, therefore, you need assistance from your insurance company for coverage on repair costs. Typically, roof damage due to hail is covered by most homeowners insurance in Charlotte. To avail of the insurance coverage, an independent evaluation and assessment of the damage is required including a refurbishment plan by a reputable and licensed roofing company.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, your trusted and qualified roofing experts in Charlotte, offers professional evaluation and a suitable roof repair proposal that is free for your hail-damage roof. Call an experienced roofer immediately who can assist you with your roofing needs after a recent hailstorm.