Triad Installations accepts contracts for residential roofing jobsAll roofs suffer from roof damage at some point. The roof is the main component of a house that protects it from exposure to the elements and keeps the occupants warm and dry. Left unattended, a simple roofing problem such a small leak can become the source of bigger and more complicated roofing troubles for you and your Kernersville or Triad area home. Residential roof contractors like Triad Installations can identify and fix roof damage caused by one or more of the following: 

  • Improper, inadequate, and no maintenance. Maintaining your roof begins with a periodic visual inspection of its condition. This is a tough task as it is impossible to cover every square inch of your entire roof. In addition, some roofing problems are difficult to detect unless you see the signs of a roof leak. Expert roofers from Kernersville and Triad area residential roofing companies like Triad Installations can identify the cause of your roofing problem and repair your roof like new. 
  • Wind damage. Varying wind intensity can cause gradual damage to your roof over an extended period. This makes your roof vulnerable to serious damage during an unexpected extreme weather. Have your roof inspected and assessed for weather-worthiness by a certified residential roofing contractor every time your area experiences a strong storm.
  •  Weather damage and hail. Some areas experience more severe weather conditions than others. The design of your roof should adapt to these local conditions such as the slope or height of the roof. Hailstorms, especially, are a threat to the well-being of all roofs as these are capable of really serious roof damage. 
  • Flashing failure. Roof flashings are found where sections of the roof meet. These are also the weakest parts of a roof. Faulty design and poor workmanship are the main reasons for flashing problems to occur which result in roof damage. This can be corrected by effective methods of roof repair done by skilled residential roofing experts from Triad Installations.

A residential roofing contractor like Triad Installations comes in handy when you need a roof repair or replacement. Talk to a certified roofer for your roofing requirements.