Why residential roof contractors are different from other roofers in Kernersville

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Triad Installations for your residential roofing needsResidential roof contractors help to maintain the homes of communities in the Kernersville, NC and Triad area. As the name indicates, these professional roofers specialize in work on private residences and smaller buildings. Private homes have very specific roofing requirements that are different from larger commercial buildings. For one, residential roofing has to focus on looks as well as function.  The challenges faced by even the best roof company when dealing with residential jobs include: 

  1. House design. It may sound obvious, but the design of the house plays a very important role in selecting the right residential roofing material. For instance, a few older, traditional buildings still use cedar shingles to great effect, but the same material can look awkward on a more modern house. The most experienced residential roof contractors have an eye for design and can suggest roofing options that match the original architecture.  The shape of the roof also determines the best roofing solution since some materials are better suitable for sharp slopes, while others work best on flat roofs. With the skillful use of material textures and colors, roof contractors can assist you in adding a personal touch to your home. 
  2. Weather conditions. The main purpose of roofing your home is to protect it from the effects of the elements. A typical property has to face changing weather conditions on a regular basis. These cycles of sun, rain, wind, and snow can wear down any unprotected building if given enough time.  Experienced residential roof contractors can help you choose the best protection against the local weather.  
  3. Maintenance. As mentioned earlier, your roofing material will be exposed to the full force of the weather. As a result, you will need to be prepared to spend both money and time on keeping the roofing in top condition. After all, missing shingles or damaged metal roofs affect the insulation of your house and cause embarrassing leaks and damp spots. The best residential roof contractors will provide you with a roofing solution that matches the effort you want to put into maintenance.

The most reliable residential roof contractors in Kernersville NC and Triad area can add to both the visual appeal and value of any home. If you need the services of a trusted residential roofer, look for the best roof company with a proven track record of decades in roofing work and protecting local residential properties. Call Triad Installations, your trusted local roofer today to request a free estimate and consultation by a residential roof expert.


Finding an ally with your storm-damaged roof in Kernersville NC

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Triad Installations helps with storm-damaged roofsThe recent storms experienced in the Kernersville NC area have been quite intense, which resulted in roof damage to many homes. Many residents in the area observed damage to their shingles, problems with roof leaks, and even other parts of their homes. If you are one of those whose roofs suffered storm damage, the first thing that you should do is contact a trusted roofing contractor.

An experienced roofing professional in Kernersville is your ally when it comes to roof damage, performing a thorough assessment, providing complete explanations about the damage your roof has sustained, and giving you well-informed recommendations regarding the repair work. You can even get a quick estimate for the required costs. In addition, your reliable Kernersville roofer can even help you with filing your insurance claim.

What many homeowners do not know is that their home insurance can be utilized to pay for repairs or replacement of storm-damaged roofs. The insurance adjustor would require a reasonable cost estimate for the restoration work to your roof from a reputable roofing company in Kernersville; hence, the role it plays in making your insurance claim. Consulting with your roofer first before calling the insurance people will ensure a quicker and hassle-free processing for your insurance claim.

Triad Installations, your trusted roofing expert in Kernersville and Triad area, is highly reliable when it comes to roof repairs and roof damage insurance claims. With Triad Installations crew working on your roof, you can be sure your roof is in good hands.

Common misconceptions about metal roofs in Charlotte NC

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Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, expert metal roof installersNot many people are knowledgeable about roofs, or metals roofs, for that matter. The old notion is that metal roofs are undesirable due to some misconceived ideas that have not been properly resolved. People who are familiar with the amazing benefits of metal roofing truly appreciate this material for all its wonderful properties. The following are the most common misconceptions about metal roofs:

  • There is no truth to the idea that metal roofs are prone to getting struck by lightning. Lightning often strikes the highest point in an area and not your metal roof. If your roof is the highest point in your vicinity, you can install a lightning arrester. However, if your metal roof is struck by lightning, the roofing material will harmlessly disperse the charge. Metal roofs are highly resistant to sparks or fire while other roofing materials may possibly catch fire when struck by lightning. 
  • Metal roofs in the past made real noise much like a machine gun burst when it rains. Today’s metal roofs are installed on solid plywood sheathing which forms the roof deck, which effectively reduces the noise level. The resulting sound is no louder than that of asphalt or wood shingles. 
  • While it is true that metals rust, metal roofs are built to last for a long time. Steel used for metal roofs are coated with protective layers of zinc or aluminum and superior-quality paint to resist rust while providing the radiant colors and stunning beauty that many homeowners look for in roofing materials. 
  • Contrary to beliefs that you cannot walk on your metal roof without causing damage or dents, metal roofs can easily support human weight when walked upon. Just like walking on any roof, however, you need to be careful when walking on your metal roof. Your trusted Charlotte metal roofing contractor can provide you with useful tips on how to walk on your metal roof safely.

A metal roof for your home will give you peace of mind for decades if installed by metal roofing professionals in Charlotte NC. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in metal roofs for residential and commercial purposes. Talk to an expert metal roofer now and get a free quotation.

What you need to consider for your custom deck in Kernersville NC

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Triad Installations, custom deck contractor in Kernersville NCA composite deck is definitely a wonderful idea for a home remodeling. In addition to beautifying your home, a custom deck allows for expanded outdoor living space for you and your family. Also, your custom deck provides flexibility in building something that is exclusively yours. There are things, however, that you need to consider before venturing into this home improvement project.

  1. Budget considerations. You need to decide first how much you are willing to spend for your custom deck. It should be something that is within what you can afford without affecting your other financial obligations.
  2. Where you want it built. Some decks can be attached to the main house; others are built besides pools or near garden areas. Regardless of the location, custom decks always give a home a special, cozy effect.
  3. Design and materials. There are different options for materials to be used in custom decks. Sometimes, the materials are influenced by the design. Different material types mean different costs for each one. Besides wood, you can choose vinyl, aluminum, or plastic for your custom deck.

You can get professional advice from a reputable custom deck contractor in the Kernersville and Triad area about having a composite deck. Triad Installations can provide all the facts you need to make a well-informed decision. Talk to a deck specialist today and consider various options for your very own custom deck.

What to do with your hail-damaged roof in Charlotte NC

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Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for your roofing needs after a hailstormIf a hailstorm has hit your area in Charlotte recently, you may be one of those anxious homeowners who worry about how much damage the storm has caused to their roofs. If you think your roof has suffered hail damage, call the best roofing company in your area for expert advice on the true condition of your roof and what to do with the damage the storm may have caused.

How soon should you have your roof fixed?

If there is no major damage from the recent hailstorm, there is need to panic. You can make an initial assessment of the extent of the damage in order to make a sound decision. However, you need to realize that rain and sun can cause further deterioration to your hail-damaged roof. In this case, you need to determine if you need a roof repair job and choose a reliable roofer in the Charlotte NC area to have your roof fixed preferably within the next four months or so.

Insurance for hail damage

Your roof may have suffered hail damage and, therefore, you need assistance from your insurance company for coverage on repair costs. Typically, roof damage due to hail is covered by most homeowners insurance in Charlotte. To avail of the insurance coverage, an independent evaluation and assessment of the damage is required including a refurbishment plan by a reputable and licensed roofing company.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, your trusted and qualified roofing experts in Charlotte, offers professional evaluation and a suitable roof repair proposal that is free for your hail-damage roof. Call an experienced roofer immediately who can assist you with your roofing needs after a recent hailstorm.

Getting a roofing estimate from the best roof contractors in Kernersville

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Triad Installations for roof installations and repairsThere are several roof contractors near you ranging from start-ups and single-person operations all the way to established roofing companies. It is important to find a reliable roofing contractor for your roofing project, someone you know will deliver excellent, professional workmanship and with a solid name to guarantee top quality work.

Your choice of the best roof company in Kernersville, NC and Triad area will depend on the specific requirements of the job. Some roofers are more expensive than others, and each have their levels for skills and work output, which is why it is vital to get a realistic roofing estimate from roofing contractors before finalizing a job contract. To do this, here are some important things you need to look out for: 

  • The best roof contractors have the experience to offer you a free estimate, which would include all items involved in the project. They will send their representatives to your property to take measurements and study actual conditions.
  • Experienced roofing contractors often need just a single visit to get a complete idea of the cost and time required to finish the job.  A trustworthy contractor does not pressure you into making an instant decision and gives you sufficient time to weigh different options.
  • The initial free consultation should include an itemized list with suggestions for the best roofing materials. The proposal should spell out your roofing options in terms of products by brand name, services, and prices.
  • A good roofing proposal should include removal of debris, protection of landscaping and outdoor fixtures, design details, roof decking replacement costs, and payment options.
  • The best roof contractors will offer the manufacturer’s warranty, along with their own guarantee of service. This will give you assurance that the roof contractor would return to make sure you are satisfied with the job.

By hiring a dependable roofing company like Triad Installations in Kernersville and Triad area, you can be assured that the roofing work will begin and end on time, and with results that will exceed your expectations. Talk to a trusted Triad roofer today to get a free estimate for your roof.

Quick facts about roof damage in Charlotte NC

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Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, reliable contractor for roof repairs in CharlottePreventing roof problems before they worsen can save costly and extensive roof repair work and even total roof replacement, not to mention the cost of repair to the damage they inflict to your home interior. A basic knowledge of the causes of roof damage can help you take action before they become a major headache and mess up your finances.

  • Wind. Strong winds brought by extreme weather or the continuous exposure to it can cause serious damage to your roof over time. Wind can cause tiles to lift, which causes rain to enter from underneath the tiles. This continual lifting results in curling or cracking of the tiles and shingles, allowing more moisture to enter and soon cause further damage to your roof and home interior.
  • Corrosion. Your roof’s flashing protects chimneys and vents on your roof. However, because they are made of metal, they are disposed to rust and corrosion. This can result to either holes appearing in your flashing or causing it to buckle. In both cases, water can find a way through  and soon enough you will need to have your roof repaired.
  • Weather. Rain and snow affects your roof in more ways than you think. Hot and cold weather cause you tiles and shingles to expand and contract. This continual cycle causes the gradual deterioration of your roof. Eventually, you will need a roof repair or replacement.

Being aware of the early signs of roof damage allows you time to take preventive measures to fix your roof before they turn into more serious problems – and more expenses to you. Your Charlotte roofing specialists at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can provide assistance, which can help you avert the effects of roof damage. Call today and talk to an expert roofer about caring for your roof.

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