Triad Installations specializes in metal roofing.“Is a metal roof right for me?” In answer to many homeowners like you who need to make an informed decision on the type of roofing material for their homes in Kernersville and Greensboro NC, the advantages of having a metal roof are a dime a dozen. To name a few –

  • When it comes to weather resistance including wind and hail, metal roofing is hard to beat. This material is built to withstand long years of exposure to severe wind conditions, hail, and snow.
  •  Metal roofs are a great deal lighter than most roofing materials such as asphalt shingles or concrete tiles. This makes the roofing installation easier and quicker, which means less time for the job completion and most probably less cost.
  •  Metal roofs provide peace of mindto the homeowners in terms of fire safety. Metal is non-combustible and resists sparks and fire.
  •  Another excellent property of metal roofing is that it needs the least amount of maintenance. All roofs, regardless of material used, need a regular inspection to identify maintenance needs. Metal roofs are tough and highly resistant to all kinds of exposure with very little need for maintenance.

When installed right by a professional metal roofing company like Triad Installations, your metal roof will give you years and years worth of your investment in addition to confidence and peace of mind. Call your professional metal roofers in Kernersville and Greensboro now for a free estimate.