Roof hail damage repairs offered by Triad InstallationsOften, hailstorms become an opportunity for unscrupulous contractors and people who lack expertise to take advantage of the situation. Storm chasers, as they are sometimes called, may offer to do the roof damage repair of your home and disappear before the completing the job. You may also have problems with out-of-state contractors who will not honor their warranty and turn away from problems resulting from poor workmanship.

Compare quotes

Obtaining quotes from three or more professional roofing providers is an excellent way to start taking care of roof damage from a recent hailstorm in Kernersville and Greensboro, NC. Go over each quotation thoroughly, giving careful attention to each item charged and compare prices for each job scope. Another component of the quotes you need to check is the warranty offered by each contractor and the coverage.

Lowest price can be misleading

Because most people look forward to saving money when doing home repair work, it is easy to go for the cheapest quote right away. This, however, does not assure savings since a low quote may also result in a poor-quality job and you may end up spending more in correcting sub-standard work. Avoid roofers who charge less but fail to deliver quality work or neglect their responsibility in the warranty provisions.

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