What to do with your storm-damaged roof in Kernersville NC

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Triad Installtions assists with roof damage and insurance claimsThe recent storms experienced in the Kernersville NC area have been quite intense, which resulted in roof damage to many homes. Some residents in the area observed damage to their shingles, problems with roof leaks, and even other parts of their homes. If you are one of those whose roofs suffered storm damage, the first thing that you should do is contact a trusted roofing contractor.

A skilled roofing professional in Kernersville is your ally when it comes to roof damage, performing a thorough assessment, providing complete explanations about the damage your roof has sustained, and giving you well-informed recommendations regarding the repair work. You can even get a quick estimate for the required costs. Not only that, your reliable Kernersville roofer can even help you with your insurance claim.

What many homeowners do not know is that their home insurance can be utilized to pay for repairs or replacement of storm-damaged roofs. The insurance adjustor would require a reasonable cost estimate for the restoration work to your roof from a reputable roofing company in Kernersville; hence, the role it plays in making your insurance claim. Consulting with your roofer first before calling the insurance people will ensure a quicker and hassle-free processing for your insurance claim.

Triad Installations, your trusted roofing experts in Kernersville area, are highly reliable when it comes to roof repairs and roof damage insurance claims. With Triad Installations crew working on your roof, you can be sure your roof is in good hands.


Having a reliable residential roof contractor in Kernersville NC

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Triad Installations, reliable residential roofers in KernersvilleWhat would you do if you discovered traces of a roof leak in your Kernersville home? Or you noticed some damage to your flashing or maybe some shingles missing from the recent storm in your area? Having a reliable residential roof contractor nearby provides peace of mind when it comes to problems with your roof. Finding the best roof contractor can mean the difference between years of comfort and the inconvenience of roof leaks and similar troubles.

An experienced residential roof contractor should be able to handle whatever roofing services you need them for. When your roof is damaged in any way, some unscrupulous roofers, looking for big profits, will present you with only one option – an entire roof replacement. That is an expense you don’t need, and a good residential roof contractor will present you with options to repair the roof in a cost-effective manner, rather than replace the whole thing. A simple leak can result from many things, such as a damaged roof portion or loose flashing, both of which may only need a simple and affordable repair job.

In the event when you need to have your entire roof replaced, you can be sure a reliable residential roof contractor in Kernersville will use the best roofing materials and install them in a professional manner as to assure peace of mind for you and your family. And this comes with a warranty that will give you years of worry-free living knowing that the roof above your head is there to keep you warm and dry.

Triad Installations is the trusted residential roofing contractor of Kernersville homeowners since 1989. You can talk to one of their expert roofers for a quick and effective solution to your roofing troubles. Call and get a free estimate today.

Install Energy and Cost Efficient Metal Barn Roofs in Charlotte Today

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Metal roofs are the clear, cost-efficient and energy-efficient choice for all home and barn owners today. If you are considering getting one installed, you can contact your local Charlotte metal roof contractor to get a quote and find out more about metal roofs and their benefits.

Metal Roofs by Advanced Roofing and Exteriors

Metal Roofs vs. Shingle Roofs

  • Metal roofing is an energy efficient, light weight and green alternative to asphalt shingle roofs.
  • Most asphalt shingle roofs tend to fall apart after a decade or so and will need to be replaced.
  • Metal roofs are more resistant to heat and extreme temperatures as compared to asphalt shingle roofs.
  • Extreme heat and rapid changes in temperature and climate can damage shingle roofs extensively; so much so that you may end up requiring a complete re-shingling of your roof.

Why a metal roof is cost-efficient

  • A metal roof can be anywhere from three to four times more expensive than that of your standard asphalt shingles roof.
  • Metal roofs last up to well beyond 30 years – sometimes up to 50 years- so long as it was installed properly by a Charlotte metal roof contractor and in accordance with the specification guidelines set by the manufacturer.
  • Metal roof will never decompose and can withstand most intense weather conditions.

Metal Roofs as a practical choice for the discerning home and barn owner

Because of their durability and practicality, metal roofs are the obvious choice for any smart, practical home and barn owner. Contact your local Charlotte metal roof contractor today to get a quotation and have a metal barn roof over your barn or a metal roof installed on your home today.

Metal roofing: combating the common misconceptions in Kernersville NC

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Triad Installations specializes in residential metal roofsNot many people are knowledgeable about roofs, much less metals roofs or metal barn roofs. The old notion is that metal roofs are undesirable due to some misconceived ideas that have not been properly resolved. People who are familiar with the amazing benefits of metal roofing truly appreciate this material for all kinds of roofing needs in Kernersville, NC. The following are the most common misconceptions about metal roofs and metal barn roofs:

  • There is no truth to the idea that metal roofs have increased likelihood of getting struck by lightning than other roofing materials. Lightning often strikes the highest point in an area and not your metal roof or meal barn roof. If your roof is the highest point in your vicinity, you can install a lightning arrester. But if ever your metal roof is struck by lightning, the roofing material will harmlessly disperse the charge. Metal roofs are highly resistant to sparks or fire while other roofing materials may possibly catch fire when struck by lightning.
  • Metal barn roofs in the past made real noise much like a machine gun burst when it rains. Today’s metal roofs are installed on solid plywood sheathing which forms the roof deck, which effectively reduces the noise level. The resulting sound is no louder than that of asphalt or wood shingles.
  • While it is true that metals rust, metal roofs including metal barn roofs are built to last for a long time. Steel used for metal roofs are coated with protective layers of zinc or aluminum and superior-quality paint to resist rust while providing the radiant colors and stunning beauty that many home and barn owners look for in roofing materials.
  • Contrary to beliefs that you cannot walk on your metal roof or metal barn roof without causing damage or dents, metal roofs can easily support human weight when walked upon. Just like walking on any roof, however, you need to be careful when walking on your metal roof. Your friendly Kernersville metal roofing contractor can provide you with useful tips on how to walk on your metal roof safely.

A metal roof for your home or a metal barn roof will give you peace of mind for decades if installed by metal roofing professionals in Kernersville.

Triad Installations specializes in metal roofs and metal barn roofs in Kernersville. Talk to one of their expert roofers now and get a free quotation.

Reasons for choosing vinyl siding for your Kernersville NC home

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Triad Installations specialize in vinyl siding installationIn Kernersville NC, you can ask a reputable vinyl siding contractor about why you should install this material or replace your current siding with it. If you currently have masonite siding, shingles, clapboard, or any type of exterior that is wood-based, check out a few advantages of deciding to replace vinyl siding. These are also great to keep in mind if you already have vinyl siding that has aged or was not installed properly. Your local vinyl siding expert can show you reasons why you should go vinyl.

  • A wide array of colors to choose from.
  • Vinyl siding adds inherent value to your home, think of it as an investment.
  • It is easily applied on top of any surface you have.
  • Aids in weatherproofing your home.
  • Easy customizable, with a large array of trim colors available.
  • Vinyl siding will not blister, stain or peel.
  • Vinyl siding never needs to be scraped or painted.

After you have chosen to install or replace vinyl siding for your home, be prepared to be amazed. Your home will have a beautiful look right down to the minor details. All door and window openings will be wrapped with aluminum trim that either matches or complements your vinyl siding choice.

Triad Installations is a trusted vinyl siding contractor in Kernersville and Greensboro. Call them now and get a free estimate and learn about client-friendly options they have to offer.

Your Home’s Vinyl Siding by a Charlotte Expert

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Having a Charlotte installation professional add or replace vinyl siding on your home is a smart choice, and here are just some of the benefits:

Vinyl Siding by Advanced Roofing and Exteriors

Durability: Adding or replacing vinyl siding on your home leaves you with a surface that is second only to brick and stone. A vinyl panel is now impervious to damage and holds its color much longer. Many manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty on vinyl siding.

Simple installation: Vinyl panels come in standardized shapes and sizes, which makes installation easy. However, having it installed by a qualified Charlotte siding professional will ensure it is done correctly, and that it will last for many years.

Affordability: As a covering, vinyl is normally much less costly than other products you could choose. Furthermore, you will save money with a reduced maintenance and installation cost.

Color options: There are tons of colors to choose from. This will not only beautify the exterior of your home, but will save you future costs had you painted your old wood-based siding.

Home value increase: Nearly one-third of all newly-built homes in the Charlotte area, and throughout the U.S. now feature freshly installed vinyl siding. Adding or replacing vinyl siding adds to your home’s durability and longevity, and therefore increase the resale value of the home.

Home protection: Vinyl siding on your home envelops your living space inside a waterproof barrier. It will protect your home from ice, heavy rain, wind, etc. It also does not retain moisture like typical wood siding will, leaving your home rot and mildew free.

Vinyl also passes the strictest certification standards and is environmentally friendly. The reasons could go on forever. Now is the time to add or replace vinyl siding, call a professional Charlotte installer today.

Repair Roof and Siding Damage from the Storm with Charlotte’s Best Roofer

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Storms do a lot of damage to the roofs and siding in Charlotte, Belmont and Rock Hill homes. And it is not always easy to detect the damage caused by storms.  From the ground, it’s difficult to see your entire roof and all parts of the siding. If you suspect that your roof or siding is possibly damaged, due to the heavy winds from the storm, you should contact your local Charlotte roofing company for a free inspection.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for Roof and Siding Repair from Storm

Sometimes an insurance adjustor will tell you that the damage is not covered, or that there isn’t any damage to your roof and siding. It’s important to have the opinion of a reputable roofing and exterior home improvement company. If the Charlotte roofing company finds damage to your roof or siding- they can show the insurance inspector the location and extent of the damage to your home, and help your insurance claim get approved.

After the storm

From the ground, you can look for any fresh dents, removal of paint, or cracks in the roof or siding. Look for any roofing material on the ground, or blisters and dents on the shingles.  Any water damage, inside of your house, is a definite sign of roof damage.

Find the best roofing company

Check the Better Business Bureau for each prospective Charlotte roofing company, and read the online review written by previous customers. Look through the websites to learn more about a roofing company.  Call your local Charlotte roofing company today to  inspect your roof and siding before there is more damage to your home.

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